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WE ENVISION a planet where all live in a state of wholeness with nature, each other, and ourselves.
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Amplifying the Amplifiers


The Case for Nature

"We do not retreat from society in total. It is not sustainable, and it does not serve in the end. This is mirrored by Emerson and Thoreau in their positions by the end of their lives. Nor can we keep up with the frenetic pace of modernity. We will burn up before our time. Rather, it's this sacred dance back and forth of being of influence in the world, making your mark on the world, and then retreating to the wilderness to regroup, to sustain, to get back in touch, to purify. This is Philosophers Camp." 
- Christine Powers, Founder
An epic idea reimagined
for a modern world

In August of 1858, Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson and journalist and artist William Stillman led ten philosophers, theologians, scientists, poets, businessmen and their guides into the pristine Adirondack Mountains for an adventure in the wild to cross-pollinate ideas, share fellowship, and restore their bodies and souls.

News media dubbed this auspicious gathering the "Philosophers Camp." The adventurers intended to return, but the Philosophers Camp never happened again, disrupted by a troubled world and the Civil War. Thirty years later, Stillman returned to the original site to find it had been trampled by tourists. 

The Philosophers Camp fell into myth and never fulfilled its destiny. Until the epic idea was resurrected by visionary Christine Powers in a new paradigm for today's world.




Just miles from the original site, a modern-day Philosophers Camp is growing, reimagined for our increasingly complex and accelerating society. Awakened business and thought leaders step into this mythic energy and stand on the work of masters who came before us.

Philosophers Camp is the experiential global community that offers refuge and transformation for those who are constantly giving these gifts to others. 


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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