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Naturalists, Muses, Alchemists & Warriors

Women & Men Committed to Amplifying Your Presence in our World


Christine Powers

Founder & Chief Philosophy Officer

Brilliant, whimsical, visionary, mad talent, eclectic, human tsunami, Mamma. These are a few words people have used to describe our Founder. Christine is a powerhouse of passion to uplift our world through the resurrection of the epic Philosophers Camp, modernizing its essence for our accelerating world today.

Not everyone is called to be a Philosopher nor to spiritual retreat. For those who are, the opportunities for growth are profound. Some of our notable Philosophers are listed below. 


Founding Philosophers

  • Barbara Wittmann, Co-Facilitator Emeritus, Loveland, CO

  • Daniel Gutierrez, Co-Facilitator Emeritus, Elder in Residence Emeritus, Pisac, Peru

  • Dr. Lin Morel, Elder in Residence, Philadelphia, PA

  • David Dachinger, New York, New York

  • Tamara Green, LCSW, New York, New York

  • Pat Duckworth, Master Philosopher, Cambridge, United Kingdom

  • Ben Gioia, San Francisco, CA

  • Lisa Dadd, Ontario, Canada

  • Sharon McRill, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Pat Duckworth, Cambridge, United Kingdom

  • Tina Ingrassia-Dietz, Gainesville, FL

  • Lori Woodley, Simi Valley, CA

  • Stephanie McAuliffe, Provo, UT

  • Kathy Knowles, Melbourne, FL

Master Philosophers

Master Philosophers have studied The Philosophers Compass for two years in an intimate community setting in addition to being graduates of the Camp. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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