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Collaborative & Innovative

At the heart of Philosophers Camp is a knowing that, as leaders, we can only have a transformational impact that is as wide and deep as the energy and power we embody. We can have the best business plan, the best teams, the best technology, and the best of everything, yet without true foundations of poise, presence, and power, we are merely a gong clanging in the world. As executives and leaders, we effect change, possibly even paradigm shifts, and yet our highest calling asks that we lead humanity's transformation and upliftment. Impact simply is not enough. 

Our world today demands that we become fierce guardians of wonder and wisdom. 

Soul+Compass, Living the Compass & Amplify : Our Community Self-Mastery Programs


The Philosophers Compass, an Inner Positioning System for personal and leadership growth.


Soul Language Archetypes: Learn who you truly are and uncover your purpose and place on this planet.

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“Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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